Product Styling

When it comes to photographing your products, styling plays a very important role. How you choose to style can enhance your product, but it can also distract.

If you can identify a few things a typical buyer might be using alongside your product, you can stage these items in your photographs.

  • Breakdown and categorise all types of products your brand shoots.
  • Each category should be kept clear and easy to understand.

You need to consider the purpose of the product you’re selling, it’s size, colour and shape. From here you can select props that emphasise these things and compliment your product. You can also create an illusion of human presence in a product shot by simply framing your shot so that it could include a human.

You also need to think about your style in general. If you already have your branding in place then consider what it says about your work and the colours have you chosen. Styling can make a huge difference in making your photos interesting enough to gain more clicks.  All sales and enquiries begin with that first click.