The Styling Company

At The Styling Company we are passionate about colour, design and detail.

We provide three core services – Retail, Residential and Product Styling.

Our Retail Styling services primarily focus on visual merchandising solutions, also more commonly referred to as ‘Window Dressing’, which help retailers maximise the volume, frequency and value of in-store sales.

The Residential Styling services we offer are broadly categorised as Styling to Sell, Colour Consultation, De-cluttering and Space Maximisation.

Our Product Styling services are also sometimes known as editorial or image styling and this is where we apply our thoughtful artistic talent, understanding of colour, texture, light and movement, to the way products are photographed or filmed.

Get a terrific styling guide for your business

A style guide can be as long or as short as you want. Make sure it contains the information that is critical for your brand, and that is provides sufficient guidance for your stylists.